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Tips For New Business Owners To Save Money On Printing Costs

Are you a new business owner? Are you looking for ways to save money whenever possible? Many businesses spend a significant portion of their budget on printing out various types of paperwork. Here are some ways that your business can save money on printing while still taking care of the paperwork:

Use printer ink refills: As you may already be aware, purchasing new ink cartridges can be expensive. By volume or by weight, it is more expensive than some caviar and champagne. Fortunately, a printer ink refill is significantly cheaper. Depending on where you buy your printer ink refill and the model of your printer, you'll typically save at least half the cost and may even pay a fraction of the price of a new cartridge. This is also a good option if you want to promote your company as being eco-friendly. Using a printer ink refill means that your company won't be sending dozens, or even hundreds, of ink cartridges to the landfill every year. 

Buy a used printer: New printers are tempting, but usually aren't necessary. If all you are doing is printing out things like expense reports and forms for your customers to sign, you don't need the latest and greatest printer. And most people are probably unable to tell a 2-4 year old printer from one that is brand new, except for minor amounts of wear. You may even be able to get a printer practically free, if you're willing to accept one with defects. The cost of a printer repair may be less than the price of even a used printer. Before getting a printer in this way, make sure you obtain an estimate of how much the printer repair will cost so that you know what to expect.

Plan ahead: Are you in the habit of buying printer paper only when you're out? Purchasing your printer supplies in bulk may cost more initially, but will save money in the long run. Instead of buying your printer supplies at a typical brick and mortar store for retail prices, look for online stores that offer discounts for higher purchases. Some of these stores may even offer free shipping if your order is big enough. Once you compare the prices that you've been paying with your new-found online store, you may find that you're able to purchase more paper for the same amount of money.

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