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Why You Need To Address Your Baby's Hearing Loss Right Away

Learning that your child has a hearing loss can be quite a shock for new parents. However, even if you feel shocked, you need to get into action and equip your child with hearing aids right away in order to help their brain develop properly.

Your Child Is Making New Brain Connections Every Day

Your child's brain is currently growing and making thousands of new connections every day. Even when it seems like your baby primarily eats and sleeps all day, your baby's brain is busy at work.

If you want your child to learn how to speak, you need to make sure that the auditory cortex of their brain is being engaged. If your child currently suffers from profound or even mild hearing loss, the auditory cortex of their brain is not getting the stimulation it needs to grow. Hearing aids, combined with early intervention strategies, can help your child develop their language skills at the developmentally appropriate time.  

Hearing Aids Allow Your Child To Develop Their Language Skills On Time

If you want your child to develop their receptive and expressive language skills at the same rate as other children, you need to take your child to the doctor and see about fitting your child with hearing aids. Every day, week and month that you wait to help your child is time your child loses and cannot get back.

Discuss with your doctor what type of hearing aids they would recommend for your baby. Even if you choose to go with a different hearing aid option down the road, try to find something, with your doctor, that can work right away for your child.

Generally, infants are equipped with behind-the-ear hearing aids. You can easily clean these hearing aids for your child and you can test them to make sure that the settings are correct. Behind-the-ear hearing aids also tend to be more comfortable for infants since they are made from soft, flexible materials. As your baby grows, these types of hearing aids can easily be adjusted. 

You should also ask your doctor about access to early intervention services. Generally, early intervention services are provided through the local public school district's Infant and Family Services office. However, early intervention service providers can vary from state to state, so ask your doctor where you can find such services. 

By providing your infant with hearing aids as soon as possible after you learn that they are experiencing hearing loss will give your child a better chance to develop their language and speaking skills at the developmentally appropriate time. Contact a company like Audiology Clinic Of Northern Alberta for more information.