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How To Find The Right Phone System For Your Small Business

If you're part of a growing small business, one of the first things you should think about investing in is a business phone system. These systems have numerous capabilities that let you stay connected with your workforce and make sure that the work they're doing is as efficient as possible. Today's modern technology is all about improving efficiency, so take a look at the various business phone system capabilities below to take your small business to the next level.


If your small business needs to keep in constant contact with other businesses across Canada and the world, consider opting for a phone system that utilizes videoconferencing. Most small businesses will want to choose a dedicated system that includes all audio/video inputs and outputs, but is still portable. You should also decide which kind of conferencing is best for you--one that contains a voice-activated switch, so as to display only the speaker, or a system that operates with continuous presence technology, in which all conference participants are shown at once.

Presence Technology

Some small businesses include call centers, or at least several personnel dedicated to customer service issues. In these cases, it's wise to look into business phone systems with presence technology. This technology is popular with public consumers, as exemplified by instant messaging applications, but small businesses can also take advantage of it by identifying available employees and connecting them with incoming calls.

Wireless IP Phones

As a small business grows and transitions, it may find itself operating in larger spaces, such as warehouses or sales floors. Employees in these spaces may wish to carry wireless IP phones to aid in communication throughout the organization. These phones often come in rugged designs that are resistant to water, dust, and other elements, while still being able to communicate efficiently over a unified wireless system.

Automated Attendants

In office settings, business phone systems with an automated attendant may be invaluable. Also called virtual receptionists, automated attendants allow callers to connect with a live operator by choosing from a menu of choices. These systems can also include an additional message that lists business information, as well as the option for the caller to leave a voice message directly. 

Paging and Intercom Modules

A useful addition to automated attendants, phone systems with integrated paging and intercom capabilities allow callers to page entire groups or departments with preset extension numbers, so that all members listed at the extension can speak simultaneously.

To order your business phone system, contact local providers, such as CommPro Communication Specialists.