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Improve Your Business's Sales Performance By Integrating It With Your Phone System

Whether you own a large business or a small one, your revenues are directly linked to the performance of whomever is doing sales. There are a variety of helpful computer programs to manage sales staff and their territories, but perhaps the software with the greatest impact is that which links your customer relationship management functions (CRM) with your phone system. Read on to learn about the benefits of CRM phone integration.

What CRM Software for Your Phones Does

CRM phone integration is offered by a number of companies for businesses of all sizes. It is a cloud-based type of platform, meaning there's nothing to install on your business's computers and often very little need for IT to be involved. Some companies offer CRM phone programs that work with virtually any outside customer relationship software or any in-house custom-built CRM programs, while others programs are part of their providers' larger sales software packages.

CRM phone systems in the office allow your sales staff to make and receive phone calls within a larger framework of customer management. For example, when a sales employee receives a customer call, a business card-like window pops up on the computer screen containing all the vital information about that customer. Employees can make computer notes during the call and schedule follow-up tasks for themselves or another party.

When employees place calls, they can do it through the customer's computer file, which stores all the contact information. Elements like revenue and sales deal status can be included for further sophistication.

Benefits of CRM Integration with Your Phones

By using CRM integrated phone systems, your sales staff will be much more efficient. Not only will they have all the customer's information right in front of them during their calls, they'll have an automatic log of their activity, so they won't have to perform documentation afterward.  Management can even listen to call recordings later to provide coaching or to verify what transpired during the conversation.

By clicking on a customer's icon to make calls, there is less time spent dialing and no time wasted with wrong numbers. Customers won't "fall through the cracks," because every next step will be documented on the computer. The software can be programmed to provide reminders when it's time for the next contact. Missed calls are immediately available through a dedicated log, and customers can leave messages by digital voice mail.

Lest you think CRM phone software is only good for office-based sales teams, know that because the service is cloud-based, employees can access it anywhere. This means your sales staff out on the road with their mobile phones can be just as efficient as if they were sitting at their desks. And what that efficiency means for you is, ultimately, more money.