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How To Create An Effective Social Media Presence For Your Small Business

Marketing your small business on social media is an exciting way to spread the word about your product. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are free to use and have millions of potential customers viewing content. 7 out of 10 consumers prefer brands and businesses that have a social media presence. That kind of advertising power cannot be ignored. Here are some things you can do to build an effective social media presence for your small business.

Choose Your Platform: Your business' social media presence has many possibilities, and there are new social media platforms being created all of the time. Although joining and participating in many social media will not cost you money, it does take a great deal of your time. And when you are running a small business, time is money. Don't try to keep too many social media accounts active. It's better to choose as many as you have time for, and do those well. To choose your platform, think about who your target audience is, and then consider what kinds of social media they will be using. This will allow you to maximize the efficiency of the time you spend maintaining your social media presence.

Put in the Time: Maintaining your social media accounts takes time, and it is something you need to plan and schedule into your daily routine. Set aside the time for social media into your schedule as you would any other important task.

Coordinate your Social Media Platforms: When your social media platforms work together, they are much more effective. You should have links to your social media on your blog or website, encourage followers from your social media platforms to go to your website, and integrate your social media. For example, make sure that your Instagram posts also show up on your Facebook wall.

Make It Interactive: In order to make your social media accounts more interactive for your friends and followers, host giveaways or offer limited-time exclusive discounts. Offering limited-time discounts is a good way to get customers to come to your website or visit your store. It creates excitement about your product. You can also track information such as email addresses when customers enter giveaways. Social media is also your opportunity to interact directly with consumers. Although it can be time consuming, you should answer their questions and create a dialogue as often as possible. Respond to comments, mentions, and feedback even if they are negative.

Hire Help: If you are overwhelmed by the thought of creating a social media presence, you may want to hire a consultant like one from LocalSphere who can help you get started and give you advice on how to be more effective. Since this is such an important aspect of marketing, it is worth it to find help and make sure you are maximizing your results.

With these steps and some hard work, you will be able to create a social media presence that will help to improve your small business.